Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This week happenings

Well more football games. Sorry so many pictures. But its our life right now. Baxter played what his coach called the most important game of the season Wednesday in Mesquite and won. Then on Saturday they killed Enterprise.

Our cheering section keeps growing. Thanks everyone thats keeps coming and supporrting baxter in his games.

Saturday after Baxter game we spent the day at my Dads cabin in Pine Valley. We had a ton of fun.<

Sunday My sister and her husband and kids came down over night we had a ton of fun. But I forgot to take any pictures.
Last but the saddest, Our house is officially on the market. I know it will go fast. Some times things are out of your control. But I feel very blessed to know everything is going to be great.


Spencer and Mindy said...

yay! it was so fun to come and watch bax and to see the family!! Keep us posted on when he has a game down there!!
and it is so sad to see you sell your beautiful home..but there will be other places to build your family memories! let us know what we can help with..

Cluff Family said...

I'm totally jealous that Mindy got to watch Bax's game with your family! To fun! I'm glad you guys are still having great times as the challenges you face continue! Sorry about your house! We're thinking about you guys! Thanks again for being such positive examples!

sandy said...

Baxter sure looks good playing we are proud of him. And we are so sorry about your house.
Love ya!