Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another big day for Brielle

Well tomorrow Brielle starts Ballet. She is so excited. But she will be missing her first day of ballet for something even bigger.

Just look at how happy she is. I have never seen her so excited in her own life. It is like Christmas to her.

Can you guess, It involves a big building and lots of people
And I'm sure she will not becoming home with a smile
We took her little pink earring's out that have not been out for 3 years and got her all nice and clean
and first thing in the morning we are headed to the hospital to remove her tonsils and adenoids and put tubes in her ears.

Here she is waiting for Jason to give her a blessing tonight. She is so excited to go to the hospital. It is really making me feel bad. I know she going to look at me when she gets out of surgery and be like Mom what did you do to me.
Tomorrow is going to be a rude awakening.

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Hopie said...

Good luck today. Holly told me surgery went well.