Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Busy Lives

This week we had more Soccer, more football and don't forget Ballet.

Here is how it all went Bridger had a great game. See the kid on the right behind him. His best little buddy. It was pretty fun to watch then play against each other. They won there game.

Then some more ballet. Brielle is learning a lot of new ballet steps and loving it. I loving that I finally have a little girl I can share all the girl stuff with.

Boston game went great the tied there game. Boston had a great time playing the goal keeper.

Saturday Baxter had a great game against Desert Hills and won. His games are way fun to watch.

One busy week down 10 more to go.


Spencer and Mindy said...

yay for all the fun sports! and yes you do have the cutest girl to share all the fun girl stuff with!! i can't wait to put sophee in dance classes, and logan in basketball/football!! or whatever they wanna try! it'll be so busy but so fun!

sandy said...

Looks like the boys did good and had fun. Brielle Ballet Outfit is so cute. So glad you have a girl too.