Monday, January 9, 2012

How to make a Felt Rosette

I had a lot of people wondering how I make these Rosette's. They are super easy. You do not need to be crafty at all. If you can cut you can make one of these.
 I start off with a piece of felt. You can buy felt by the yard and it is super cheap. I buy it by the square's mostly because we live in a small town and it is my only option. I take a cup or bowl depending on the size of rosette I am making.
 I almost always use this orange cup. I use the top side of it. But I used the bowl this time to make a little bigger one.
 Use a white crayon or you can use chalk and draw a circle.
 Cut out the circle. Next cut the circle in a spiral. It does not need to be a perfect spiral. It will add charterer to it if it is not perfect.
 Start in the middle of the spiral and begin rolling. In the middle you want to wrap it really tight.
 after wrapping just a little. Put a dab of glue on it and keep rolling. I put a dab of glue every 6 inch or so to hold it. I only use a small glue gun. I do not like the big ones. You only need a Little glue or it will make a huge mess.
 keep rolling

 until you get to the end. and make sure you glue the end.
 I take some scissors and cut any pieces that look out of place or to long. Don't worry you can mess it up.
 I take a small piece of felt and put some glue on it.
 and glue it to the back of the rosette
 Then I take a alligator clip and line it with ribbon
 I only put ribbon on the top of the clip. Because if there is ribbon on the bottom of the clip it does not hold hair very well. Then I glue it on the back of the Rosette.
all finished, This one I added a little Pearl in the middle.
 Super easy, I making a bunch right now for a little Valentines project I'm making. I will share when it is finished. Hopefully this answers your question's. Let me know if you have any question's.


Spencer and Mindy said...

WHAT?!?! that's it! you make it look too easy! yay! thanks for sharing!!! i'm so excited to make some of these. i think they look way cute on headbands.. that's what i'm gonna make! ha! you rock!

sandy said...

Thanks for your help now I will try to make them...

Susan said...

Thanks for this, Heidi. I'm not crafty at all, but these look super easy and Julianna ALWAYS needs more hair pretties :)