Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brielle Party

Brielle had a fun little party. She had such a blast with all her friends.

 They loved sipping away on there drinks

 and Brielle loved opening all the presents

 They all loved the pinata
 They waited patiently for there turn

 She huffed and she puffed and blew here candles out. And caught her hair on fire.
 By the end of the day she was tired, and had to much sugar, and it's my party and I will cry if I want to came in to full action.

 Little girl drama is all new to us.
But for the most part it was a great day.

1 comment:

Spencer and Mindy said...

so so fun! that girl knows how to Party! sophee so wishes she was there to see the Hello Kitty Pinata, and pretty grass skirts...