Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our sweet little Bodel ( Her Story)

 It is funny Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. And sometime's it may be the last plan you ever expected. Most of you know that we have been planning on getting Bristol birth sister due here very soon. That is what we had planned to do. But we had a lot of douhts. Things just did not feel right about it. We kept going back and forth with it. Should we pull out of it or go forward with it. We spent a lot of time praying about it and could not get a good answer. We spent a lot of time in the temple we could feel a little girl's spirt in there with us and knew there was suppose to be another little girl join our family. But still not a good feeling at all about the adoption that was soon to take place. We got a call one day from our adoption angency and they said they were very concerned about the birthmom and had a really bad feeling. The same feeling jason and i had all this time. We decided right there to pull out of the adoption.

 The same day I had been talking to my mom about a lady I knew at her work. Her nephew and wife had just had a baby and it looked at the time it was going up for adoption. We expressed interest in her. And the next thing we knew we were headed up to northern UT to meet the birth family. We walked into the house and I could feel the little spirit I had been feeling in the temple. It was hard not to cry. We had a great visit with the birth parents and grandparents, latter they called back and wanted to meet our kids. So latter that night we took them to meet them. That night they told us that they would like us to adopt Peyton. That is what they had named her. We loved the name and kept it as her middle name. We had a great experience with them. She has a amazing set of grandparent's and her birth parents. I could feel how much they loved her. It was so neat to me to see how loved she is by them. We will let them be in her life as much as the want to be. I can't even tell you the the feeling's that we have had over the last little while and threw this whole process. Heavenly Father had he hand in all of this. When a child is meant to come to your home Heavenly Father will find a way for them to come.
 We just love her so much, She is as sweet as she looks. We feel so blessed to have her in our family. I hope that her grandparents don't mind me sharing this, but the grandmother told me how her grandfather had given her a blessing that she would be adopted into a good home. I love that and thought it was so neat to us that she ended up in ours. It has been such a amazing experience and i can't even express it in words.
 My sister in law Stef took her picture's the other day. She does such a great job. Thanks Stef so much.
 I should be back to my regular blogging soon. I have just been taking some time and cuddling with sweet little Bodel.


The Stratton Family said...

Love her to death already! We can't wait to come see her again!! So happy she is part of your family!

Cluff Family said...

WOW!! I have been out of the loop! We knew you got Bodel....but that is about it....we had no idea of the story with her...I still thought she was from Bristol's birth mom! Glad I got to catch up on your blog finally :) We sure love you guys and are so happy for you and your new addition! She is BEAUTIFUL! You guys sure have one amazing family! We love you!!