Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day. We have a fun BBQ and Fireworks planned. It should be a great time. Yes I have been very bad at blogging lately but our internet was down for a week along with our TV. Thank You Hail Storm.
I want to remember all the faith and struggles the pioneers had and the great strength there testimony's give me.
We were able to go on a trek this year with our youth from our stake it it was a wonderful experience.

Just a few fun photos of are past pioneer day's.
Jason Graduation from Rookie school.

This is the little story of were Bodel name came from and I wanted to share it. We changed the spelling of it a little bit so people would pronounce it right. We fell in love with the story of this little girl and the strength she had. And we knew we wanted to name Bodel after her.


sandy said...

I enjoyed the story about Bodil, how amazing our pioneers were. Thanks again for the fun times and being able to enyoy your family.
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

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