Monday, July 30, 2012

Today I caught

This one a smiling

This one helping
 These two helping making cookies

 These two sneaking into the cookies

 These 3 having a Lemonade stand
 This one sitting so big
 and so serious
 A big sister learning to hold so careful
 and give sweet kisses
 These two in there Gymnastics clothes
 They have been loving watching the gymnastics from the Olympics
 and was trying to do the same as them

 They are to funny
 Bodel sitting so big


sandy said...

I would by a drink and cookie if I lived closer. Fun times for those kids. Bodel smiling is so cute and Bristol holding her. Loved the tumbling, Brielle could be a gymnust.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh i miss those cute kiddo's. i can't believe that baby Bodel is smiling already!!! she's growing up to fast!! and what cute lil gymnists! sophee want's to be a Gymnist as well! :)

Zitting Zoo said...

so stinking cute!! wish i was the one holding your sweet girls....they are all getting so big! love you guys!