Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had a great time. Every Holiday we break out the sugar cookie recipe and make cookies for us and to take to neighbors. Yesterday I got my little helpers up to the bar. Bodel loves to be in all the action. She loved sitting up there on the bar watching what was going on.

Warning my picture are not the best, Bristol hid my good camera some where and I can not find it anywhere, so I had to use a old little one that does not work well at all.
 Brielle is always right there while I'm cooking. She is getting pretty good at it.
 Brielle had her friend over, they had a blast helping me roll the dough out.

 Bristol got flour everywhere but had so much fun.

 Brielle and her friend had so much fun frosting them.
 Bristol had fun eating the frosting.
 I told the boys if they wanted one, they had to frost 15 of them before they could have one. You may notice Baxter and Boston helping and Josh, Bridger friend, Bridger was hiding so he didn't have to help and his friend was frosting his cookies for him. At any given time we have 5 to 10 extra kids here. It makes our house fun.
 Here is Bridger pretending he was sleeping while his friend was frosting his cookies.
 Brielle and her friend decorated up there own plates of cookies and took them to the neighbors.
 Friday night was the Homecoming Game. I love our town it is so supportive and everyone comes out to it. I love that all the boys from 3rd to 8th grade that play football all lined up with the Varsity team with there jersey's on. It looked way cool. They played are biggest rival Mesquite. And we one.
 Baxter got to play in the band. And yes bad picture, I have got to find my camera.

Bodel love going to the games, She loves people,
 It was a fun weekend.

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sandy said...

Yummy looking sugar cookies, such a fun thing to do with the kids... Way to go Baxter proud of you!