Monday, April 29, 2013

Everyday Life

Well life continues to be very busy for us. I look forward to Summer and not such a busy schedule. The kids are out of school on June 5th. I can not wait. Bridger has been super busy with scouts he has been on a lot of camp outs lately and last sat he went to Vegas for a regional Jamboree he had a fun time. A few weeks ago he was awarded his life. He has started his Eagle project and hopes to be done in a few months. Jason and I will be heading down to California next week with him to Disneyland with his band as chaperone's. It should be a fun time.
 It has been hot lately, We are suppose to reach 100 degrees today. The girls have been swimming away.

 I straighten Brielle hair one day, and her is a shot of the day after. I told her to let me get a picture before it got all wet and shrieked back up. Bristol had to follow her sister. She is so funny she weighs more them brielle, wears the same size shoe, and basically the same size clothes. She is 2 and Brielle is almost 6. Bristol is going to be a tall girl.
 Bodel would rather play with the water table then swim in the pool. She loves it.
 Her is a picture of Brielle hair the day I straighten it. It takes me 2 hours. We just got 4 inches cut off of it. It is super long and she sits on it when it is straight.


Spencer and Mindy said...

i Love Love Love how 'big' Bristol is. She is Just like Logan! he's bigger than sophee (not as tall, but almost), he's in the same size clothes and shoes...He's HUGE! ha. I love your girls! they are so fun!! I am in Shock at Brielle's hair! they are all so beautiful!
**way to go BRIDGER! good luck on your Eagle project! and have a Blast down in Disneyland!! (so jealous!)

Anonymous said...

I love Brielles hair she is so petite and Bristol will be tall and she is adorable. Bodel is so cute and growing to fast. Love the boys they are always busy as usual and proud of Bridger way to go!