Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Fun Easter

We woke up Easter Morning to a fun surprise. Boston has had some eggs in the incubator for a science fair project this week. We woke up Easter morning to 8 chicks hatching. It was pretty fun for the kids.

Easter we went to church, I tried to snap a quick photo before we left. The boys were not any help as you can see.
 During the week we went to a few Easter Egg hunts.

 Baxter helped Bristol
 Jason helped Brielle
 and I helped Bodel but she was just happy with one egg.
 She is officially a walker now. No more crawling for this girl. You may notice she never has shoes or socks on. She hates them. She will move her feet around until they come off.

 The Easter Bunny came and hit our back yard

 Bodel loves to swing
 we colored eggs
 and had a water fight

 it was a fun Easter break
The kids went back to school on Monday after a week off.


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like you had a fun time! I love the picture of the boys hiding. The girls dresses are sure cute as they are.
Love you all!

Great Grandma Hansen said...

Really looks like a fun Easter....Miss you all. Bodel growing right, Great Grandma Hansen