Friday, May 2, 2008

may day dance

Last night was the may day dance. It the 85th year of it. All the kids in the elementary are involved in it. Each boy did a different dance.

Baxter's dance was to the song staying alive. They were suppose to dress up as disco people. I think bax did a great job. He looked awesome in his outfit. They even took his and his friends picture for the front page of the local newspaper. His dance is a crowed favorite.

Bridger's dance was to the song from lio and stitch. He did a great job.

And Boston did the parachute dance he was so cute and all smiles.

Poor brielle started not feeling so good. by the end of the night she had a high fever. I took her to the doctor today and they said she had a viral thing and gave me some medicine's. hopefully she feeling better soon.

As for me I been way busy all week doing these may day baskets. All the kids from the school send in all these donated items depending on what their class is in charge of. Then I go and collect all the stuff and make these baskets up with all the stuff. The range from camping baskets to arts and crafts to baby girl baby boy, and so on. Then the night of the may dance they sell tickets and they raffle the baskets off . the school makes a ton of money. They were way fun to make and I made 25 total.


Cluff Family said...

I totally remember doing the parachute dance in Elementary.... GO BOSTON! And I totally didn't recognize Baxter in his Disco outfit! And way to go Bridger! I hope Brielle is feeling better! I hate it when Holdyn gets sick... I feel soo bad that she can't tell me what is wrong! Hopefully Brielle's meds work soon! Also, way to go SUPER HEIDI! You always do the cutest things! Those baskets look great! Maybe someday I'll take some lessons from you on how to be crafty! You always make things look great! Looks like an eventful week!!! We miss you guys!


The Stratton Family said...

the boys look AWESOME! and brielle is just as cute as ever even though she is sick! (poor thing!) are you coming down this weekend? brielle needs to visit our elk! :)