Friday, May 30, 2008

One crazy week

We have had such a busy week. Yea school will be out on wed. Baxter plays his last game tomorrow, He is in first place right now. yea I can't wait until Saturdays our free again.

Baxter pine wood derby car. Let me just say jason spent tons of time on baxters car with him and lets say it was not quite as fast as his brothers cars. oh well its just for fun.

Baxter had his around the world report this week He wanted to do Ireland because his grandpa is half black Irish and that makes him 1/8 Irish he is proud of being Irish. Every day they did something different, tues they had a program were Baxter played a instrument and danced and on weds they stood out in the halls and presented there reports to everyone and today everyone brought in food from there country these are baxs food they were a lot of fun to make.


Zitting Zoo said...

Great Job Baxter!!!! We are soooo proud of you. I love all the irish stuff. Super Cool!!!!

sandy said...

Baxter, I love your Irish outfit and the fun food your mom made. also your baseball picture. I wish I could of seen your play. Loveya! see you soon

Cluff Family said...

Way to go Baxter! Looks like you did a lot of work and had a lot of fun! Your car looks awesome! Sorry it didn't go faster!!