Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School

Its our first day of school for 1st 3rd and 5 th. Wish us luck. Our Dad and Mom our feeling quite old today.


5 th grade

10 years old


3 rd grade

8 years old


1 st grade

6 years old

The Little Princess


Tiffany said...

I'm sure that the song on your blog is just for Jason!!!

Zitting Zoo said...

I hope they all have a great first day! They all look so big! Love Brielle in pink!!!

Guzman Gang said...

Its me jen Staples (guzman) How are you? I found your blog from Lisas. We missed you saturday, we went out to dinner and Lisa filled me in on your surgery and stuff. Im glad your filling better! Im so glad I found your blog to keep up with you and your family. My blog is
Keep in touch,

The Stratton Family said...

hey dont worry we will wait till you are all better to go to vegas!

i cant believe how old the boys are getting! it is insane!

Sara :) said...

They look so cute in their new school clothes. We hope you are feeling better.