Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Jason

If I wasn't frustrated enough I think I just got way more frustrated. Jason was scheduled to go in the morning for surgery. We had been staying all week up at his parents house. Staying close to the hospital like we were suppose to. Jason called to check on his Workman's comp and they told him they would not put him on it if he had the surgery in Utah. They told us that he needed to have the surgery done in Las Vegas. Not really knowing how long Jason will be not able to return to work we have to make sure we follow there rules so he will get paid. So we our pretty much back to square one. We our back home. Jason still in lots of pain and just waiting for a phone call for the doctor to see us in Las Vegas and schedule the surgery. Hopefully latter tonight he will be able to go in. He needs to be real careful if the disk that has shattered in there shifts it could be very bad. So hopefully some good news soon.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh my gosh!!!! we hope you've already heard some good news!

*your all in our prayers!
We Love you guys!
And it was fun seeing you those days while you were here!!

Hopie said...

Uhggg..... hang in there. We love you guys.