Saturday, October 3, 2009

And they remain undefeated

Baxter got to play running back for awhile in today's game and made a 2 point conversion. Way to go Bax

This is the guy from the other team Baxter was guarding. He was huge. Baxter threw him down like he was Brielle.

Come on boys ma bee next time you will let them score.

Well this will probley be my last post for a while. Jason goes back in for surgery bright and early Monday morning. Life is going to be a little crazy for awhile. We would like to thank everyone for all the support and prayers on his behalf. We have felt them. I'll let you know how everything goes.


Spencer and Mindy said...

Way to Go Bax! Undefeated! sweet!!
and that guy you were guarding was HUGE!
Brielle is such a CUTE cheerleader!

Good Luck Jas! We'll be thinking about you and your family the next few days!
We Love ya!
post updates when you can heidi! :) please let us know if we can help in any way!

The Stratton Family said...

hey heid! let me know if you need us to come down for a few days!