Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life's fun

Do you ever wonder if you should nominate yourself for the worst mother of the year. Well I'm there today. I took Boston in for his cleaning this morning. Only to find that his permanent teeth had all grown in behind his baby teeth. I had not even noticed. Poor guy they had to pull his 4 bottom teeth. Also one of his teeth had decayed so bad it killed the nerve. Due to not brushing good. Hey at least I had him in there for a cleaning. He sat there so good.

They also cleaned Brielle teeth. She did such a good job. She sat there so good. She wanted to do it again after they were done.

These picture are from are rocket derby we had the other night. It was a ton of fun.


Cluff Family said...

Did you take them to a Pediatric Dentist/hygenist? I am scared to take Holdyn in but I know she is due for some teeth work! I'm glad they both were super brave... I hate the dentist! Cute picts of the rocket derby!!! Looks like you are still able to have fun!

The Stratton Family said...

oh poor bost! maybe it was all that chocolate milk we gave him :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

OH poor boston! no fun at all! (and for the record, I think your Super MOM...very far from worst mom of the year)

i hate the dentist too and can't believe they both sat there so good!