Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just a Question

Does Anyone want to take a two year old. She super cute. Always on the go, and always into what she is not suppose to be in. I have to pull her off the bathroom counter at least 8 times a day. She usually sitting in the sink with the water running. She is such a handful right know. She has gave a whole new meaning to the terrible twos. But we love her.


Cluff Family said...

Is she as bad as the boys were?? Or worse? I love her little grin... what a cutie! I'd take her but both of my girls are already more than I can keep up with!! How in the WORLD did you go days without seeing Jason while he'd be on his long shifts? I need a break!! Ben is gone until tomorrow night and I HATE it! I'll be glad when this Surgery rotation is over!

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh she can't be that bad, look at that cute smile!! :D it was so fun watching Bax play in his last game (until the playoffs)! thanks for inviting us! it was fun seeing the whole family!

I'm super excited to start making more bows!! thanks for the 'pattern' and the bow lesson in the parking lot with the WIND! love it!

sandy said...

send her to Grandma!