Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A new Home a new job and a new life. Well we are moved and getting settled. A lot of long days and nights and a few tears. I would love to thank all the Family that has come down to help. Also the wonderful people in our ward and here in Logandale. We have had so much help. Every time I open the door there more people to help and have dinner. I can't believe how nice people are. We are looking forward to a great Thanksgiving up in Utah with Jason's Family. Jason returns to work on Monday 10 months latter. I don't know if he will ever return to the floor as a Fireman. We hope and pray that he does. But for now he will be in a 9-5 office job for a while. With the Fire department. Life will start to get back to normal a little. I'm looking forward to putting up my Christmas this weekend. I always have it up way before Thanksgiving so I'm feeling a little behind. Luckily the missionary were here yesterday and got a jump start on our Christmas lights. I'm just so thankful for the good people that have helped us. I can't believe it's almost Dec. And I have not done a thankful post. I'm so thankful for my Children and My wonderful husband. And for all the great blessing that we have received lately in so many ways.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

can't wait to see you guys too!! and I"M so excited to put up our decorations this weekend also!!! yay!