Friday, November 13, 2009

We are moving on

This is a post that has way to much tmi. So if you don't want to know then don't read on. Well it has come to the point of moving on. Most know that Jason has been off work for 9 months now with a few more months to go. We have been living off Workman's comp. And burning his vacation and sick time, which is about to run out. As he has a appointment with his chief today to beg for more time. His wage right now is half of what he was bringing home before. Just a little stress. It has forced us to short sale are home. We had a great offer on it. We were really hoping it would go through. Because it would allow us to still stay. But fate would have it, The bank would not take it. Our options seem to be about gone with keeping our home, Not A lot we could do about it. We have felt like we have done everything we could to stay. So here we go the move begins and hopefully we will get everything moved in the next week or two. A little stress Jason still can only lift 5 pounds and needs to be down a lot. So here we are always wanting to do everything by are self's and will not be able to. It hard to ask for help. But I know that's why there so many good people Around us and it will all be OK. The good news is we have a place right up the street. A guy in our ward owns and it is brand new and he is going to let us rent it. The only problem is it is half of the size of our home we have now. So time for a big yard sale. This is not a pity us post. But to let all know what is going on. We know that everything will be OK. We have and love each other and that is what is most important.


Spencer and Mindy said...

jason and heidi, i'm so sorry to hear this. i wish that we just had unlimited funds and could help you out. :( but your right, "it's just a house" and your family is healthy and happy, and LOVED. and THAT's what's most important.
*hugs**Loves* and as always your in our thoughts and prayers.
i'll check our schedule and talk to spence to see if we can make it down to help box things up!

The Stratton Family said...

im so sorry heid! let us know what weekend you are moving and we can come help! we love you guys!

Zitting Zoo said...

We love you guys! Sorry that things are so hard right now- we will see you in the am-let us know if you need anything-

Hopie said...

Hang in there sweetie.

Tricia said...

Jason and Heidi...please let us know when you are going to be moving...Robert and I will bring the trailer down and load things for you guys. We love you guys and will help in any way we can. Just tell us when and we will be there.