Sunday, January 2, 2011

Over Christmas Break

Over Christmas Break we have been busy. We have had a ton of fun. Jason has been off most of it. It has rained and rained. We have watched flooding everywhere. Including a few homes wash down the river. I feel really bad for the people that lost there homes. Especially a few days before Christmas.

Baxter received his Life scout and started his Eagle project. He is starting with a fund raiser Yard sale. He is looking for donations for his Yard Sale if anyone has anything they would like to donate.

Jason's family had there 2nd annual News Years Eve Party. It was a lot of fun. It was very loud with all the kids but they all had a great time.

Bristol turned two months. She is clear full of smiles. She is the happiest baby and so pudgy. She has done great every sense we brought her home from her meningitis.  She only gets up once a night and she roll everywhere. She has rolled over every since the day we brought her home Crazy I know.

She is giving brielle a run for the money on her size.

Brielle had her first day of Sunbeams today. She was so excited and has been singing the Sunbeam song for weeks. We took the kids to see tangled Yesterday. Super good show if you have not seen it. We went to Walmart after and she saw a shirt with Rapunzel on it. We got it for her and she hasn't taken it off.

I'm excited for the kids to go back to school tomorrow and Jason to go back to work. I can finally catch up on life. Hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas Break.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

that makes me soooo sad to see homes getting washed away like that. :(
Way to go, bax! you'll have your eagle before you know it! we'll have to go lookthrough our stuff to see what we can donate!!
way fun seeing all you guys on New Years eve! hope you made it home safely. sorry i didn't get to chat with you more!
and THANKS again for the flower bows! Sophee actually lets me put them in her hair, yay! and i love wearing them too! you rock!
anywho. thanks!!