Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute little girly girls

It sure has been fun to have pink times 2 in our house. Brielle is turning into my best shopping buddy.
It is so fun to have girl's and share fun things with them. Yesterday Jason and I went shopping and I brought back a blue Sunday dress for Brielle. She looked at it then looked at me and said it is blue it is cute. Did you get me blue shoes to match it. I told her no. I have caught her staring at it 3 different times today and I ask her what is wrong she says I just don't know if I have any shoes to match and that is not good. Jason is like I can not afford this girl. Yesterday while shopping we decided that it was time to buy Bristol a crib. She is number 5 and I have given away 4 cribs now. Not very good planning on my part. Luckily we got a great deal on crib number 5.

 Bristol has loved taking naps in it. Along with her side kick Brielle. Luckily Bristol is still in our room for awhile in her bassinet. I'm pretty sure Brielle thinks she is going to break it in for her.
 I did finally catch a few smiles tonight. They are so cute.
 Sisterly love, What is better then that.
 Bristol is getting so big and will be 3 months in a few days. Crazy it has gone by so fast. She love her bumbo chair.
 We got her this little thing she lays under for Christmas, If she is awake she wants to be under it. She loves it. She will sit and talk for hours under it.


sandy said...

adorable pictures! So cute of the girls together. Glad you got a crib it looks cute. Nice that Brielle will share with Bristol.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh my word, so cute!!!! love brielle in the crib with bristol! so fun! and i agree, what's better than sisterly love!??
i'm glad sophee is into all the pink too, +it's way too fun shopping for her! (i'd be in trouble if i had 2 girls just after eachother, i'd have all kinds of pink too!) :)
love it!