Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter, Reading, and Candy

Easter Candy has to be one of my biggest weaknesses. We seem to have about 10 different jars filled up around the house of it.

 I found these cute new containers this year and thought they were so cute. I filled them up told the kids not to touch them. They did super good and left them alone. Then last night I was gone to a Young Women Meeting for a couple of hours. Jason was at work. I come home and had 4 kids on a sugar buzz and 3 empty containers. Lucky i had bought a stash and quickly filled them all up before Jason arrived home this morning. I tried to make it look like I had everything under control while he was gone. It all was going down smoothly until he noticed were the boys had stashed all the wrappers.
 Boston and Brielle had a lot of fun decorating for Easter.

 I try to keep it very simple with decorations, I'm learning that with 5 kids things seem not to stay in the same place you put them very long. Let me refraze that with Brielle nothing stays in the same place very long.
 I cut some eggs out and some letters and with very little help Brielle made this sign. She did a really good job. I was really proud of her.
 Here are a few of are decorations.

 Brielle was excited to have her bunny friends back.
 Did i mention that Brielle can read. She has learned all her letters and there sounds and now she is reading. She can spell all our names all the kids in her class names and about 30 different words. Did I mention she is only 3 going on 18.

Also both Bridger and Boston passed Hunter safety this weekend way to go boys.


Spencer and Mindy said...

i can't believe she is READING! way to go brielle!!! and your decorations are so cute! where did you get the cute bowls?! soph is our 'holiday re-decorator' as well.. ha haa.. plays with all the holiday decore lol, must be a girl thing!! :)

Heidi said...

Hey Mindy, The bowls just came from Smiths in a pack for like 12 dollars in the easter section. Also There cute shirts I always get them come from a Esty shop. Let me know if you want the link to it.