Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fair Time

Tomorrow will be April 1st. And that means one thing in our little town. The fair is coming to town next week. It is one of the funnest things to do in town all year.
It also turns are town upside down with the rodeo in town and the people that come to attend the fair. It is just a really fun time. Our kids have been getting ready with there entries for the fair this week. I decide to pull out a few pictures from the last few years at the fair.

 Boston still and always will be the cutest little cowboy
 I can't believe Brielle has grown up so fast. She is preforming at the fair this year. She is so excited.

 This year Brielle begged us to do mutton Busting. They can do it when they turn 4. Brielle is close. But Jason and I are a little to nervous to let her. She is still so small and only weighs 25 pounds on a good day. I'm afraid she could get crushed. We took Bristol to the doctor the other day and she now weighs 18 pounds. She is going to catch brielle soon.
 The missionary's always have a booth at the fair. These are two of are favorite missionary that ever served her. We miss these guys Elder Smith on the left he still comes to visit quite a bit.

 Bridger always brings home tons of ribbons at the fair and has some great stuff this year to enter. He is hoping for a huge ribbon.

Here is to next week maxing and relaxing at the fair.


Spencer and Mindy said...

those are some great memories and pics from the fair! Good luck Bridger, hope you get that HUGE ribbon! how cute that Brielle is preforming!! good luck and have so much fun, can't wait for the pics!!

Hopie said...

I love the CC fair!!! I don't know if we are coming down this year, but it is one of the fun times we look forward to every year!!!

sandy said...

Brielle was so small hard to remember sometimes. Cute pictures of everyone. Its a fun fair, I love it because its cool.

The Stratton Family said...

im bummed we cant come down! :( tell bridge and brielle good luck! :)