Monday, May 16, 2011

A few things

We have had quite a lot going on lately. Bridger and Boston had there May Day Dance. Brielle was there with a attitude. She did not what to smile.

 Bristol was all smiles
 Bridger braided the maple. This is Bridger last year doing the May Day Dance, next year here comes middle school.

 Jason got to braid it with him this year.
 he also did a hip hop dance, he hated it.
 Boston did the square dance. He was so cute. It started to get dark when his dance started and my camera did not take the best pictures.

 Brielle had her spring dance recital.
 She was all smiles

 Thursday's are the Elders P Day. So Jason and i almost always take them somewhere. Thursday we took them Geo cashing. The had a blast. We took them to a place called the double negative to find one of them.
 We love these guys, They are so much fun.


Spencer and Mindy said...

way fun! i've heard Geocashing is way fun.. i like how involved you guys are with the elders, i bet they love it!!

Hopie said...

You and Holly are such great examples on supporting the missionaries!!! Thank you for that!!

sandy said...

What a great thing to bring to your home. The Missionaries. The boys looked good at there dances. Boston is a cute cowboy!

Zitting Zoo said...

looks like so much fun! the kids did a great job!! aunt holly