Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy Week

We have had a pretty busy week. Here are a few things we did.
Boston had his Chautauqua. Its were they do a report on a famous person and then they dress up like the person and give the report to the class and parents. Boston chose Davy Crockett. Both Baxter and Bridger both chose him also when they were in third grade. Boston did a great job. He is so shy and soft spoken. He got up there and looked straight up he was not going to look at anyone. He shouted it out as loud as he could. It was still very quite. He did a great job. I know that it took a lot in him to do that because of how shy he is.

 We celebrated Brielle Birthday. We made cupcakes for her to take to school.
 We had a party with just us, No friends this year. We always go every other year, between a family party and a friend party. It works out pretty good that way.
 Jason had to work on Brielle Birthday. So she had to wait a extra day to celebrate. I tried to make her birthday still special. But she could not wait for her presents. Jason while out and about on a call found this little Hello Kitty chair. Boy was she excited when he come walking in with it.
 She got Rapunzel's Tower she been wanting forever.
 She wanted a hello kitty cake. With some help with Jason and Brielle explaining to us just what she wanted this is what we came up with.

 Because she celebrated her Birthday two different days she thinks she is 5 now instead of 4.
 Bristol was there and enjoying the party.
 The boys and a friend were good sports and enjoyed the day. Even Hello Kitty enjoyed the party.
 This week Baxter enjoyed his end of the year band concert. They did a great job. I did not get many pictures. Brielle was running around and i was trying to hold Bristol. Jason was at work and I should of brought the other boys for reinforcement.
 Next year he is going to do jazz band. He is pretty excited. It does mean my mornings that are already to early just got even earlier.
 Brielle and Bristol enjoyed the day yesterday swimming. They had so much fun. Bristol just screamed with excitement and smiled away.

 Bristol is such a little tub. I mean that nicely. She just turned 7 months and is already 21 pounds. By the time she is one I'm not going to be able to pack her. But she sure is a little sweetie.
Well we look forward to a lot of swimming this Summer. Our Summer starts on June 9th. The kids will be finally out of school. Then the next week Jason and i Will be headed off to girls camp. It should be fun. In the next few weeks we will also be closing on a new home. We are so excited. It will be so nice to have some room again. The place we have been renting has been perfect for us but very small. So this summer we will have a move a head of us. I will share some pictures and info on the house latter. Hope everyone has a great and long weekend.


Zitting Zoo said...

love all the pics-the cake was awesome and Bristol and Brielle couldn't be cuter-can't wait to see the pics of your house.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh how fun! love that Brielle thinks she's 5 because of 2 days of parting! haa!! boston looks sooo cute in his Davy crockett get up! way to go bud! BAX i can't believe your OLD enough to be in Jazz band..crazy!! have fun!
CONGRATS on a house, can. not. wait. for pics!! yay! and i agree bristol and brielle couldn't be cuter!! :)
love and miss you guys!

sandy said...

Cute cupcakes and cake. I love Hello Kitty. Way to go Boston I'm proud of you and Baxter too so glad he is continuing with Band. I'm glad Brielle had 2 birthdays.

The Stratton Family said...

fun pictures! I'm glad Brielle had a good birthday!