Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Things

The other day me and the girl's went for the day shopping in Vegas. I had to pick up a bunch of stuff for a dinner we were doing for young women's and needed to go to Costco. It is the first time I've taken the two of them by myself, Jason is always with me. We had a ton of fun. Brielle is such a shopper.We spent hours in each store and just loved looking. I did decide by the end of the day I have my hands full.

 While shopping Brielle found a few or more new summer clothes. One being a dress for the forth of July. She loved this dress loved it. I had just learned to make some different hair bows so I thought I would make her some to match her dress. I'll share with you how easy it is.
 This is what you need. Wrap each ribbon on the stick and put a close pin on each end. I did two of each color. Then bake in the oven for 10 minutes on 350.
 Let cool and take off the sticks.
 Next cut each one into four different pieces. Then fray Check all the ends.
 Next thread a needle with thread. Hold the needle at the bottom and layer the ribbon how ever you want them. When done hold it all together tight and pull the thread threw and then back threw and tie in a knot. Glue some barrettes on the back and there you have it a few new bows.

 Here is my model showing off her new dress and bows.
 and a little closer look.
 Here are Mindy's bows she won. She choose the colors and they are off to her. I like the colors she picked.
 A good thing is after 3 weeks searching we found are baby kittens.
 The kids are pretty happy. Bristol just loves them.

 Our mom cat had 4 and our other cat took one of them and hid it with here littler she just had this week. We are still trying too find them.
 Mothers Day came. Jason and the kids always spoil me. Igot a really nice lunch they made Crab Legs and steak. A few things and Flowers and a yummy cake.

Boston also received his Wolf badge. Great Job Boston

We have been so busy lately and I'm feeling like i can't catch up. It always seems like this at the end of the school year. I'm running behind on my posts. I hope I can catch up in the next few days. Also Baxter has started his own new blog 2 here is his address.


Spencer and Mindy said...

yay for my bows! i keep checking the mail for them!! :) and way cute new bows, i'll have to try and make some of them! love brielle's 4th of july outfit!! soo cute!

sandy said...

Brielle looks so grown up. The girls are both so pretty. Congrats to Boston way to go. Love those bows they are cute. Glad you had a happy Mothers Day too!