Monday, June 6, 2011

House Hunting

Over the last 6 months or so we have been looking for a new house to buy. We have looked and looked at a ton of homes. We live in a pretty small town and there were options but not a ton of what we were looking for. The very first house we looked at I feel in love with. it was a great price and it was huge. Pretty much my dream home. It was in a new subdivision that had just went bankrupt. It scared us a little because there was a lot of problems with the subdivision that would latter cost us a lot of money. I was pretty upset with this house that it was not going to work out, I begged Jason. But in the end after much praying we knew this was not the home for us. But here are a few pictures of the home.
 I loved the stair case.
 we looked at a ton of homes but there were 3 that we liked the most. 3 that we needed to decide on. The second home was the biggest it was huge plus huge. I walked in and lost Jason. He wanted this house he loved it. I had a huge knot in my stomach the hole time we were in this house looking. It was really nice but something was not right. We fasted and prayed about it. And we just did not feel right about it. The house was pretty but not right for us. Here are a few pictures. Love the stairs case.
 love the pool
 and the slide
 and the master bath
 all 3 homes were the same price. So it was not the price we were looking at but what was best for us. There was a home in our ward that was for sale. I had drove by it many times and new the couple that lived there pretty well. i gave them a call one day and asked if we could come see. Ye please come over. They seriously are the nicest couple ever. We walked into the house and we new right away this was the home for us. The feeling in the house was amazing. And the home could not be more perfect. the home is 40 year old. The family has done so much to it. They have lived there the hole 40 years and have loved there home. They have done a ton of work to it. It looks brand new. it has 3 stories, 5 bedrooms 3 baths, a office a dinning room two storage rooms and two family room plus a living room. A shop for Jason and a wonderful yard. They gave us a great deal on the home. We will be closing on the 24 of June on the home. But we will not be moving in for a few months after. They wanted to take sometime to get out of it, And we are fine with that. here are a few pictures of the home. I need to take some more but I will latter. We have a lot of plans for the home too. I love the age of the home and the porches.
 Here is some of the back yard.
 And one of the storage rooms
 The other side of the storage room.
 It has a huge garden in back with a big orchard. I only got a little side of it in the picture because  I was taking a picture of the kids in the pea patch
 the back of the house
 Brielle playing on the staircase.
The kids playing in the tree out back.
Well I guess it time to pack. We are very excited. We love that we get to stay in our ward. I will try to take a few more picture of the inside to share latter.


Zitting Zoo said...

wow it looks amazing! love, love,love the storage room. Can't wait to see more pics!

Spencer and Mindy said...

What an awesome backyard you'll have!! love love the storage rooms!! i'm with holly, can't wait to see more pics!! sounds like an amazing house. it's so nice to find a house and it just 'feels' like the right fit. congrats again!! good luck with the move, can't wait to see the inside and see how you decorate it. :) love you guys

Hopie said...

So fun!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

So excited for you guys!! LOVE the storage rooms! Congrats!

sandy said...

So happy for you all! What a wonderful home. I'll be happy to help move if you would like help!

Joann said...

Wow looks like a nice home Congrats!

Unknown said...

Awesome Heidi! Congratulations!