Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Days

Well summer is off and in full swing around here. We made it threw girls camp. We had a blast. The weather was super nice. It was a little different year. It was ward camp and not with the stake. It was pretty fun just to be with our ward. We spent the week in Maryvale Utah. It is super pretty up there. One night we had scheduled to go to the manti pageant. I thought it would be pretty fun. Earlier that day i was braided some of the girls hair. I came across some bugs in there hair. I had a leader come over to look and sure enough she had lice and same with her twin sister. So it put a little Holt on the plans for manti. One of the priesthood took all there stuff and washed it and the girls got a lice treatment.  That would have to be the only bad in the trip. My favorite was the trip down the river. Here we are all ready to go.
 Our boat crew
 All the girls had the hots for our river guide.
 It was so much fun. I have not laughed that hard for ever. The river was super high. They said they have not seen it this high in 16 years. It made it even funner.
 I would recommend this to all.
 Here we all are just about to head home. Jason was taking the picture. We had a blast.
 The kids started swim lesson yesterday. Boston and Brielle are in the same class. Boston is scared to death of the water and Brielle has no fear. So the same class kinda of evens them out. Yesterday i had the scare of my life. My stomach still hurts. Brielle teacher had his head turned and did not see brielle. She stepped into the deep end and away she went. He never saw her. I ran across the pool yelling as all the parents were yelling at him. We got her out and she was OK. But it really scared me.
 here she is not about to leave the stair and a lot startled.
 Boston really surprised me this year and is loving the water.
 Bristol has gone from I will crawl when I want to. Whats, really the hurry. Too full on out of control. She is fully mobile. And pretty proud of her self. She just turned 8 months and is 22 pounds. I love the age she is . She is so much fun.
 She has been pulling herself up on everything lately. And she will walk around if you hold her hands. I ready for her to stay little. I don't want her to get to big to fast.
So far we have been so busy this summer. I've had my friends 3 kids for a few days. That makes a total of 8 kids in the house. Our house has been pretty crazy the last few days. But we have had a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Got to Love it at The Crazy Bakers Dad

sandy said...

glad you survived camp. We sure loved the kids. cute bristol and glad Brielle is safe.