Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yesterday we had a pretty fun day. We got to keep our two nieces for the night. Brielle loves having them in town. We went to Bridger's talent show at school. They loved it.
 Brielle, Kimber, Holden
 Bristol was also happy to be there.
 Bridger and 3 of his friends did a little skit it was pretty funny. For some reason my camera was taking blurry pictures and this was the best I got.
 Latter in the evening we headed to the las Vegas Airport. A little over a week earlier i had dropped Holden and Kimbers parents off there. They were headed to the Caribbean for Ben's Graduation from Medical school.
 Here are the kids waiting. We made some signs and the kids patiently waited.
 Bristol was again happy.
 Brielle wondered if they were ever coming.
 Holden was sure excited. Here they are still waiting.
 There they are. I don't know who was more happy to see each other.
 Thanks guys for letting us keep your girls we had a blast.


Spencer and Mindy said...

how cute and how fun!! the girls look soooo cute in their matching dresses and bows! cute cute cute.. bristol cracks me up.. she's just such a happy lil' gal! :)

*love the tie holdyn is wearing!

sandy said...

How cute to all look alike! I love the signs. Way to go Ben!

Cluff Family said...

Finally got some time to read up on your blog....THANK YOU for keeping the girls!!! They had so much fun and Kimber LOVES her new dress...she wants to wear it every day! We are excited to have your girls this week :) Thanks again!