Friday, July 1, 2011

Swimming,Painting, and Boxing

We have been having a lot of fun lately. The boys have been spending almost everyday at the pool. Here is Bridger and his friends one day at the pool. They ride there bikes down to the pool and stay all day. They love it.
 We took Bristol swimming the other day and she loved the pool. She did not want to get out. Only happy smiles for her.
 Brielle is so funny she just wants to fit in with Bridger and his friends. She thinks she is as big as them.
 Bridger's friends are always so good to her. Sometimes ok always it concerns Jason

 Boston, is slowly conquering his fear of water. He was finally doing better this year. Then the other day he went to a Birthday Party. i just dropped him off. It was a swimming party. One of the other kids playing around pushed him into the deep end. There were no parents outside. One of the kids had to dive in and save him. It scared him to death. He went in and told the mom and after that she stayed out with them. I should of went in and told her when I dropped him off that he could not swim. But I thought they would realise that not all 8 year olds can swim. I felt really bad so did she. So back on the life vest for Boston. And another panic for me.
 We closed last week on our new home. Yea we can not wait to move in. The people we bought it from the lady just finished treatment for breast cancer. They have asked us for some time to get out so she can recover. But they have been so nice and have been clearing the house out as fast as they can. They got most of the kids rooms cleared out and they told us that we could come in and do what ever we wanted to them. So the kids picked their paint colors and yesterday we spent the day painting. Bridger and Boston picked blue.
 Baxter picked gray.
 We got both of there rooms completely done and now we can move on to the girls. Bridger and Boston are the only ones that have to share which will be nice. I told them as soon as Bristol gets bigger all move her in with Brielle and they can have there own rooms. But there pretty fine with sharing.
 Bristol was there and enjoying crawling in the plastic.
 She thinks she is hilarious. She is so fast right now. Trying to keep up with her makes me tired. We have two sets of stairs in the new house that we will have to really watch her good with.
 There rooms turned out great. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can get everything boxed up and moved.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh awesome! so nice that you can go in and paint with the other people still trying to move out! Love love the pics of bristol, she is sooo stinkin cute!!
*poor boston, i'm so glad he was ok (just scared).. we had a major scare with sophee at the pool yesterday. i'm still having nightmares about it... :/

Hopie said...

Oh my heck!!! I want to eat Bristol!!! The water thing freaks me out. Remember last year that my niece's son drowned? It's scary as hell. I'm glad he's ok. LOVE the rooms!!! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

sandy said...

The paint looks great! Scary about Boston I'm so glad he is ok. Bristol is getting so big and cute.