Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our forth of July fun

Yesterday we had a great forth of July. Our little town does things all day long. They start with a flag ceremony and then a free breakfast. Then our kids favorite part the Candy drop. They use to drop candy from little planes and they realized it was a little dangerous. So now they shoot the candy out of cannons.
 It was such a nice morning. It was cool outside which is not normal at all for us. The boys found there friends and were having fun.
 Brielle waited with her bag for it to be time
 Then she hugged a tree
 Bristol enjoyed eating some leaves
 The cannons went off and away went the kids.

 Boston gave his bag away and used his shirt instead
 One of my young women helped Brielle. She was so nice to help her

 Bridger thought he was to big to do it so he stayed back with Bristol. Baxter had no shame and he and his Friends were off.
 Boston had quite the pile
 That he gladly gave all to Brielle. Because there was not a thing he could eat due to his braces.
 We made a hole bunch of flag cookies. We took them to a ton of people and some even made it to Jason Fire Station. Jason worked yesterday so tonight we will be doing are fireworks and dinner fun.
Last night me and the kids went to our new house and watched the town fireworks with the people that live there and had root beer floats. it was way fun. They we will be out in three weeks and we will be moving in.


sandy said...

What cute cupcakes! Glad you had a fun day. So excited for you guys to get to move to a great place that is so filled with love.

Hopie said...

FUN!!!! Your girls are always dressed so stinking cute!!! I wish I had fashion sense like you!!! Good times!!!