Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A few things we have been doing

We have been pretty busy lately. We have been spending a lot of time packing and painting and just staying really busy. Baxter has a few people he has been working for and been making some pretty good money. Bridger started a weed pulling business about 6 months ago, with one of his friends and has been making good money also. They even hired Boston part time. So they have been keeping pretty busy. Jason and Baxter left for scout camp on Monday for the week. So me and the 4 younger kids have been keeping ourselves busy this week. Yesterday I got a babysitter for the kids and took the Elders down to Vegas for transfers. I almost always take them. Every six weeks they have transfers. I love taking them it is a lot of fun. I knew I was going to be gone all day so I took Bristol then I knew the baby sitter would be in good shape.

Bristol had so much fun playing at the church. If you look closely you can see her two new teeth she just cut.
 There was a little boy there that was 13 months. They had so much fun crawling around with each other. He kept crawling over and giving her hugs. She did not know what to think.

 Bristol is getting so big and now weighs 25 pounds at 8 months. Brielle is 4 and weighs 27 pounds. I'm wondering if they make baby slim fast. Totally kidding but she is a lot to pack around. She loves pulling herself up on the couch and walking around it. But the only problem is she can't figure out how to get down so she will just sit there and scream.
 We have been pretty home bound lately, It so hot outside and we been so busy packing. I decided today we needed a outing. We took a trip to the library and the kids all got  there own library cards. Boston was so excited.
 same with Brielle

 Brielle did a puzzle and told everyone to be quite.
 the boys looked and looked for books.
 Bristol checked out some books to.
 Then she laughed and giggled
 Then she spotted Bridger on the other side of the book case
 and she tried to get threw the book case to him, But she could not fit
The kids loved the library and all came home with 3 books. It going to be are new weekly stop.


sandy said...

Brielles teeth are so cute. I love the library reminds me so of when I used to take all you kids. I would also be staying in the house. The kids always look so cute.
P.S. Tell the kids Grandmas house is cooler!

Spencer and Mindy said...

we love going to the library too! way fun. Oh Bristol is soooo cute! love her new teeth!
good luck with everything! (and i love gramdma sandy's comment: grandma's house is cooler! what a fun grandma!)

Laurel said...

Libraries are the best! I loved checking out books to all the kiddos back in my elementary school library days.

Nathan's baby is a big one, too. He's walking now but still so heavy to pick up. He's so happy, though, just like Bristol. She really is a cutie!