Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Trek to St Thomas

This weekend Jason and I and Baxter had a great opportunity to take a pioneer trek down to our historical St. Thomas. It was our youth conference for 14 and older. We took 30 carts and traveled 19 miles. We had 9 youth and 6 ma's and pa's in our group. It was a great experience. I'm so glad we went. I want to go on another one soon.

 We spent a cold night at 30 degrees on the ground
We had a wonderful morning fireside were we had a special guest Jasen Wade from the movie 17 Miracles. He gave a wonderful talk and had a great testimony. He walked the second half of the trek with us and handed out jerky. He honestly was so nice and so real. He reminds me so much of the role he plays in the movie. He walked with our hand cart for quite awhile and visited.

 We had a great group of kids.
 Over 300 youth went
 A bunch of people from our ward
 Jason was in the opening play before we left. He played in the mob. He really enjoyed it.
 maybe to much

 It was a great thing and Baxter loved it to.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh so fun! jason totally makes a great bandit! can't wait to come and see you guys!!!

The Stratton Family said...

Cute outfit Heid! ;) Love all the pictures! Bax looks flipping old! I can't believe it!

Nancy Hicks said...

Jason looks normal in those wardrobe change for him. Of course I only see him camping. Glad you enjoyed it.