Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This and That

Well we have been way to busy. I've had so much to share but I have had know time. The other day I took all the kids and had there picture's taken. A lady in our ward has a studio in her home. She took Baxter Eagle picture's, Bristol's 1 year old and all the other kids picture's. I haven't got them back yet. But I stole the top picture of her website. Brielle was such a ham taking her picture's.
We have been super busy we planted our garden all 19 rows. We have been doing a ton of yard work. Our kids keep us running. RS is keeping me super busy. And Jason was just called into the Young men's. I guess we would not know what to do if we had time to kill.  The kids are growing, Baxter is huge, I get freaked out some times when I see him walking round the house. I keep thinking there some guy in my house. Kids grow up way to fast. Bristol is growing and is talking away. My favorite thing she says is knuckles. She fell the other day and chipped her 4 front teeth. Poor thing.
The fair is coming up in a month and the kids are busy making thing's to enter along with all there animals. They are entering there Duck's, Rooster,Snake,Birds and Goose. It should be a eventful fair.
Baby number 6 is still on our mind's and come this summer if it meant to be we will have a new baby. But we are not getting our hopes up. Adoption is always a question until you have all the papers signed and we just don't want to get our hopes up. So we will see in a few months what happens. Sorry about all the rambling just thought I was running a bit behind on our blog.


Anonymous said...

Way cute little girl.

Jon and Bridget said...

I definitely understand not getting your hopes up. I am right there with ya!

sandy said...

preview of the pictures are beautiful can't wait to see the rest. We will all be waiting patiently to see what happens