Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Bridger

Happy Birthday Bridger, I can not believe you are 12. Bridger is our wild and crazy kid. He is all boy and would live outside if he could. He is all Jason and might even be crazier then him. Bridger is super smart and loves to build things. He wanted a power drill for Christmas and got one and has been building all sorts of things ever sense.

 Bridger always has something super funny to say. He has a super quick whit. He always wants to do everything right and integrity is huge too him.
 He is amazing with his sister's and will play and play with them. Brielle loves him.
 He is a super good artist.
Happy Birthday Buddy we love you.


Zitting Zoo said...

Happy Birthday Bridger! We love you!

sandy said...

Happy Birthday Bridger! We love you so much, your such an amazing, funny, caring young man. Hope you have a super day!!!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Happy birthday Bridger! i seriously can NOT believe your 12! No Way! hope you have an awesome day!!