Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby update

I just thought I would update everyone on the new baby. Bristol's birth mom is 28 weeks pregnant. She is in the hospital. They took Bristol at 35 weeks and had planned on taken this one at 35 weeks for sure. Mostly because the Birth mom has extremely high blood pressure that they can not get under control. A few days ago she was into her doctor that she See's twice a week and they did her weekly ultrasound. Baby looked extremely healthy and weighed 2 pounds 4 oz. Problem number one there was only a tiny to none amniotic fluid. Problem number two she has extremely high blood pressure so high she could have a stroke. Right now they are keeping her in the hospital watching her very closely pumping her full of steroids. They are looking at keeping the birth mom in the hospital until she delivers. They will deliver the baby as soon as they feel like it is safe. Right now they say the baby has like a 98 percent chance of being ok. But each week that goes by is better. We pray she can make it a few more weeks. But it could be today. I really hope not. They are trying to stabilise the mom right now but if they can't out will come the baby.

Here is Jason and Bristol the day she was born. She was born at 35 week healthy as can be weighing at 5 pounds 15 ounces. I'm hoping this little baby can make it that long. 


The Stratton Family said...

Hope everything works out okay and the little miss gets cooked as long as needed! But I have to admit, I an amxious to meet her! She is in our prayers!

Susan said...

We'll keep the birthmom and your baby in our prayers. Both of my boys were born at 29 weeks and they're very healthy now, so even if the baby comes early, he/she'll probably be just fine! Hang in there.

Zitting Zoo said...

as always we will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. lets pray for a july b-day! love you guys!