Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Um can you say Twin's

This week we became Grandparents to Baxter's new set of twin flour sack baby girl's. Aren't they cute. He was the only one assigned twins. So I told him we had to make those flour sacks cute. He choose girls and we went to work.

 He took them to school in the car seat. It is hard to carry them around all day with all your books. So this was are best idea. He is doing the project for health. He has to carry them around for a week.
 I made sure I packed some lunch for them. I'm sure Baxter is going to love me when he opens his lunch today.


Spencer and Mindy said...

Oh my word = HILARIOUS!!! haa haa.. when i first started reading this i thought you were going to say that YOU guys were adopting twins.. haa haa... oh i think you should have BAXTER do a post after this week telling how much fun he had with twins... hee hee

*can't wait to see you guys soon!!

Unknown said...

That is sooo Awesome! Exactly what every teenage boy needs. Hope he enjoyed his gift...Chase couldn't wait to send it off!