Thursday, May 31, 2012


This past weekend we loaded up the kids and had a fast little getaway. Baxter had a great chance to go down with the band and record 3 songs in Disneyland. We had planned on going for the whole week and had it all booked. But because of adopting again we knew we would have to cancel it. So we could put the money towards that instead. So after a little planning we decided ok we can just do one day. So we were off on a super fast unplanned whirlwind trip.
We spent Saturday in Disneyland which also was Brielle Birthday man was she excited. See this picture of Bridger it will be the only one you see. He hates picture's taken of him.

 We had a great day. Brielle was scared to death of most of the rides this year. Even the little kids one's for some reason.

 Here is are one time seeing Baxter. he was off with his friends enjoying Disneyland. The allowed no camera's in while they were recording there music, so we got no picture's of that.

 Here he is with his friends
 Brielle found her friends again and she was right at home.

 Bristol was pretty unsure of the characters.

 But Brielle made sure she hugged them all.

 Here is Jason going crazy. We were told that last year over this weekend Disneyland was completely dead. Well not this year. It was pure craziness.

 The girl's crashed by the afternoon

 We got to California on Friday and had planned on spending the day at the beach. But it was stormy and windy and way to cold. So we spent about ten minutes there,
 My mom went down with us and she was a super great help. The kids loved having Grandma with us.
 Because it was Brielle's birthday, We decided she could pick out her gift while we were down there. She choose Build A Bear. She had a great time. First she choose the purple Hello Kitty and then switched it to the white one.
 She fielded it with stuffing and gave her, her heart.
 Then she gave it a bath.
 and got her dressed. She loved it.
 Well another very fast trip down. And we are trying to survive this week and next as school draws to a close and there is to much on our calenders.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

makes me want to take my kids to Disneyland sooooo bad! looks like you had a GREAT fast trip! so fun!