Sunday, September 2, 2012

And it begin's

This week Baxter had his first home Football game. They played a team out of Las Vegas. Baxter game for freshmen was canceled. But they sat him JV and he got to play a lot. They did a great job.

Baxter is number 60 
 it was funny to keep hearing Baxter Baker got the sack over and over again.

 Baxter was all excited to play this year, then he went to football camp and he changed his mind not to play. When the team and couch's found out they came and dragged him out of the house and told him they needed him please don't quit. He has been loving every minute of it. I think sometimes everyone just needs to feel needed and wanted. And he is such a great player that I'm glad he did not quit.

 They had a great game

 Football is off to a great start

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