Monday, September 24, 2012

Trying to find a even bounce

Life just seem's to be flying by lately. I often feel if I never sleep again, I still will not catch up. I have to remember if my kids are taken care of and my home is happy everything else will just fall into place.

I love this picture that I took Saturday of the girl's and there cousins. They are so cute.

 Brielle has started Violin lessons. She got a Violin for her birthday and has been waiting for a spot to open for her. She has been loving it and has learned a few songs.
 Football has been put on hold the last few weeks, During this game Baxter got a concussion and has been resting for a few weeks, he is hoping to head back for this weeks game, if the doctor clears him.
 This sweet little one is getting so big. She is so fun right now. She is so sweet and happy.
 She loves to giggle so loud. It is so cute.
 I love this picture, I forgot I had the flash on and rook a picture. She was a bit surprised.
 and she is rolling over,

 it wont be long and she will be crawling, she already moves all over on her belly.

 I love this picture, Baxter took it on Saturday while Jason and I were inside for a sealing. He was out babysitting and had the camera. Our life's right now are super busy. But looking at this picture reminds me what really is important. I see a lot of different thing's with my church calling. I see how choices you make affect your life in good and bad way's. I'm so thankful for the gospel and can not imagine living life without it.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh love all these cute pics!! i didn't know bax had a concussion! :( hope he can still play, those are scary! love you guys!!

sandy said...

I hope Baxter is doing better, happy Brielle is playing the violin. And Bodel is growing so fast she is so adorable.
Love to you all!

jeanne hansen said...

oh she is growing so fast i can't wait to see my great grandbaby...Jeanne Hansen

Cluff Family said...

Your kids are getting soo big! We miss you guys! Yourfamily always looks soo very happy! Hope Baxter gets feeling well enough to play soon! Love ya all! You have inspired me to get out mt Halloween decorations too!

Unknown said...

So beautiful!! You are doing an amazing job!