Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

I know I did a post earlier today and it disappeared. Kinda weird. We had a great Christmas. I hope everyone else did to.

Here are the kids showing off there new PJ'S they opened on Christmas Eve, We celebrated Christmas a day early because Jason had to work on Christmas. The kids never seem to mind.

Santa came.
Jason made these cute tents for the girl's and Boston.

Bodel crawled around trying to open one of her presents.

Christmas Day we went to Jason station to spend the day.
The boy's played ping pong.
The girl's colored
Bodel and Bristol played away
we watched Christmas Story
we maxed and relaxed
 Jason broke his engine
 so they had to call in a reserve engine. It was pink.

 we had a great dinner
 and know for a major clean up. Our house flooded bad a few days before Christmas. It flooded 2 of our 3 floors and ruined a ton of stuff. We gutted out our basement and know we our working on gutting out the kitchen. Lucky for us we will be getting a new kitchen, It has not been fun at all.


Rachel Doyle said...

Sorry about your flooding. Merry Christmas. You need to do a post on how your hubby made those cute tents~!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Im loving the tents too! So cute! And im loving jasons PINK fire truck. :) Merry Christmas, looks like lots of Christmas fun!!!!

Unknown said...

That's so sad about the flooding, but you guys are so talented I'm sure when it all goes back together it will be amazing!
Merry Christmas, wish we were there to help with the clean up!