Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Fun

We have been having some fun latley. Yesterday we took the girl's to see Santa. He made a visit to our local Grocery store. Bristol took a lot to get on his lap. She was not a fan. But then she talked about him for the rest of the day. So maybe we made some progress.

 I took Baxter with me for some help. Jason was at work, and Bridger was with the scouts getting Christmas trees, and Boston was in Vegas for a Birthday Party. So it left him. He is a great helper.
 Brielle and Bodel could of stayed on his lap all day. Bodel was all cozy and warm and did not want to get off his lap.

 The Cub scouts made baskets the other night for the widows in our ward. Then they took them to them and sang to them.
 They had a lot of fun.
 So did all the other kids.
 They did a little program. Boston did not have his shirt on. He was having a happy night and went and hid it hoping he would not have to go. He had to miss karate that night and he was suppose to get his new belt so he was having a moment.
 One night Jason took the YM and YW caroling. I went along for the ride. They had so many kids. They had a blast.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

You have lots of YM/YW in your ward! So fun that jason took them around! Love the santa pics. Lil bodel is so cute in her santa dress. I'm surprised bristol didnt like santa, she loves everyone. We sure love/miss you guys. Sounds like your having lots of christmas fun. :)