Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Concert's

Lately we have been spending our night's at Holiday event's. We have had so much fun at everything. Last night Brielle had her Violin Recital. She did so good. She has only been taking it for a few month's. She loves it and loves to practice and that makes it easy for us.

 All the students played a few Christmas songs all together. As you can see Brielle is the littlest.
 She performed her very own solo.
 She was super nervous, She did such a great job. I love her teacher Jill. She does such a great job teaching.

 Brielle and one of her best friend's Peyton. You would never guess that they are the same age.
 Bridger also had his band concert this week. They did a super great job. He plays two instruments. The clarinet and Tenor sax. He plays the clarinet in the concert band.
 Baxter and Bodel. Bodel loves to be out and about. She loves seeing everything going on. The boys constantly steal her from me.
 and the Tenor in the Jazz Band. He goes every morning at 6:00 am to Jazz band. He has a lot of dedication.
 They sounded super good.


Spencer and Mindy said...

ok, little Miss Brielle is just so tiny up there! what a brave girl. And she looks absolutely adorable with her lil violin. And Bridger, what dedication to be getting up at 6am!! way to go Bridger!

sandy said...

so proud of the kids and there accomplishments. I love that they are learning to use there talents.