Saturday, March 23, 2013


 This little one has been hopping around. Bodel is 9 months. And she is walking. Yes that's right crazy as it may seem. She will take about 5 steps at a time and sometimes more.
 She cut here first tooth last week. She loves to eat. She will eat anything and everything. She never turns food down.
She is getting so big.
 This past week Brielle had Crazy hair day at school. Bristol had a little crazy hair to.
 We did it as crazy as we could.
 Bridger and Boston had more testing for karate. Bodel was all smiles.
 She looks pretty bawled but her hair is really starting to come in. It is super blonde with a lot of red threw out it. It is super pretty.
 The boys did so good.

 The moved up a belt from Purple to Orange. They were pretty happy.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh i saw this egg hairdo on Pinterest and thought it was so darling! Love that you did it to bristol as well. ha haa. what cutie pies! And Bodel is WALKING!?!? to crazy. your kids are all just growing up too fast!!! Love them, and you guys! **any plans to come up this way this summer?

Anonymous said...

Love the hair! I can't believe bodel is getting so big! Way to go boys!!! Aunt Holly

Great Grandma Hansen said...

Wow love the hair!!!! you are so talented. Cannot believe Bodel is walking.....miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Love and surprised Bodel is walking. Your such a good Mom to do such special things for your kids like the girls hair. It is so cute. Proud of the boys and their karate. Love them all.
Grandma C