Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our feet are hurting but

we are still having a great time
 We were pulled out of the crowd today to go backstage for a private meeting with the princess. What a experience.

 just a little sneak peak more to come


Peggy Clyde said...

What a fun place to be. We were there last week.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh no way! i'm seriously so dang jealous!!! looks like your having WAY too much fun! ;)

sandy said...

What an opportunity for the girls. looks like your having so much fun!!! Glad the boys are letting you take pictures and that there wearing there shirts. That way you can find them. Ha Ha! Keep having a super magical time!

Unknown said...

How did you ever plan such cute outfits!!! My goodness girl you must have a few suitcases for all the cute dresses!! Your kids are adorable even the boys. Love you guys.