Saturday, March 2, 2013

Disneyland and Happy 13th Birthday Bridger

Happy Birthday Bridger, We hope you have a great Birthday. You are here in Disneyland spending the week. Bridger is a funny kid. He always makes you laugh. He is super smart and never wants to miss school because he wants good grades. He loves to hang with his friends and go 4 wheeling. He is a great helper. We love you buddy, we hope you had a great day today.
 Our day started pretty early this morning. We left Logandale at 4 am. After a few stops along the way we arrived in Disneyland around 10 am. A quick change in the car for everyone because our room was not ready yet and we headed to Disneyland. The Girl's found Donald Duck right away. They loved him.
 Bodel was amazed at everything going on.
 The kids all wore shirts with the number that they are in our family. The boys did not care to much for them. But we sure got a lot of stares and compliments.

 we had a fun day,
 Hopefully we can get some rest tonight, so we can keep up with these guys all week.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh i'm so jealous right now! sophee looked at the pics with me and she says "where is brielle? can i go play with her" ha haa... I Wish We Were There With You Guys!

Happy BDay Bridger! We Love you!

sandy said...

I hope Bridger had a great Birthday. I loved your shirts such a cute Idea. I wish I would of been in someones suitcase:)