Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Day

This past weekend we had the May Day Dances for the Elementary School. Boston and Brielle both got to perform. Boston is in 5th grade and Brielle kindergarten. This was Boston last year of May Day.

 Boston got to braid the Maple.
 once by himself
 and once with Jason
 Then got to do another dance, I'm unsure what it is really called put we call it the pole dance.
 He had a great time. And did super good.
 Brielle was all smiles and got to do the Parachute dance.

 She loved it. And man is that girl a little dancer.

 Grandma and Grandpa Baker got to come
 and the little girl's had fun just running around.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

oh how fun! i can't believe Boston is in 5th grade (almost 6th grade!) super cute and looks like lots of fun!