Sunday, May 12, 2013

Disneyland " I'm with the band "

Jason and I got  a chance to accompany Bridger down to California to Disneyland for a few days as Chaperone's. We had a blast.

 Friday Morning we loaded the bus's at 130 AM. Yes that is AM. With over 70 students and around 20 adults.

 We arrived at Disneyland at 9:00 Am. Friday we got to spend the day at Disneyland and the kids were performing during the day at different times.
Jason and I were in charge of 10 students that included Bridger.
Bridger would not stand for a picture, So his friend carried him over to me.

 and all of his friends held him in the picture.
 We spent 2 days at Disneyland and had to check in threw out the days with our kids, But other then that we were free to play. We spent the 2 days with another couple from our ward and a friend of ours from are ward. And one of Bridger's teacher's that we got to know well. The 6 of us had a blast.
 it was so weird not to have any strollers, or little kids to chase around.
 We ran into Bridger here and there, He was way to busy for his parents.
 and this was the best log ride I have ever been on. With the 6 of us. We laughed so hard and I'm not sure if we peed our pants from laughing or was soaking from the ride.
 We finished Saturday night at the World of Color my favorite thing to watch. We left California at 11:00pm Saturday night and arrived home at 5:00 am. 3 nights of no sleep and 2 full long days in Disneyland and I am exhausted. But it was a great trip.

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