Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One crazy weekend

All I can say is wow. Life has hit us hard the last few days. The flu, A hospital visit, and a trip to the doctor for a broken arm. Baxter has been very sick, a trip to the hospital showed he had a few problems, I wont say what they are because it would embarrass the poor kid. But he with some help with a bunch of meds and he is much better. We have all had the flu. Bodel has had it the worst poor thing. She is doing much better. I was holding her the other night and she started puking everywhere. Jason was trying to catch it with a blanket, Meanwhile Bristol jumps of the couch and comes up screaming with her arm not looking so good. There I sit covered in puck and a kid screaming with her arm broken. It has been a ruff weekend and I'm glad to have it behind us.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

Oh my word! glad that everyone is feeling better and hopefully no one else gets sick or has to go to the DR any time soon!